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ISBN : 9788184836523
Publication Date : 2017
Binding : Paperback
Price : 395.00
Pages : 200
Format : DC
Language : English
  Book Name : Coastal Geomorphology of India 20 %
  Author : Dr. Shrikant Karlekar
  Description :--    
This book on 'Coastal Geomorphology of India' is an account of coastal processes and forms developed along the coastal stretch of every state of India. The West coast of India is geomorphologically different from the East coast in many respects. Segmental study of our coast brings out these differences very clearly and tells us why and how the morphology of the coasts varies from place to place. The book includes discussions on major aspects of Geomorphology of Indian coast beginning from the nature of continental shelf, sediments on continental shelf and continues with the description of coastal climate, coastal processes and landforms with reference to the coastal segment of each state. It is based on the field studies, interpretations of aerial photographs and Google earth and Satellite images of the coast. The book will serve as a useful source book to researchers and especially Geography, Geology and Geomorphology students of various universities and managers of coastal areas in every coastal state of India.
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इतिहास व्यक्तिमत्त्व विकास चरित्रे-आत्मचरित्रे पत्रकारिता-प्रसारमाध्यमे
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